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Antivibration Products

We are specialists in the manufacture and supply of anti-vibration mounts, vibration isolation and shock absorption products.

A wide range of products are designed and manufactured at the Warminster facility, supplemented by quality products from Vibrostop srl who we represent exclusively in the UK.    We can re-engineer products which are no longer available.  These could be manufactured complete or refurbished to make use of existing metal castings.

For over 27 years AVMR have specialised in rubber to metal bonding to permanently join rubber to metal parts.  In recent years this expertise has been used increasingly to solve customer problems.

We can design and develop products to meet exacting isolation requirements and can subsequently test products produced.

Bespoke Design & Development

If you cannot find a suitable product by searching through our website, please send an enquiry with as much information as you have.  We may already have a solution.

We specialise in all aspects of vibration and shock isolation using different rubber based materials, metals, springs, wire cable etc.

Our Services

In addition to our extensive range of standard products, our services include bespoke design, manufacture and testing to suit demanding customer requirements.  


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