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An extensive range of anti-vibration mounts, vibration isolation and shock absorption products are available from the company which has been serving the AV mount requirements in industry at large for over 27 years.

Specialising in rubber to metal bonded mounts in standard and custom designs including bobbin mounts, stud mounts, torsion bushes and machine mounts, the company can configure special rubber mountings and rubber bushes using natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile, or other elastomers to customer specifications.   The range of torsion bushes is used in numerous automotive applications for chassis isolation and shock reduction in modern high performance sports cars and also in 4x4 leaf spring mountings to provide both a flexible mounting and tolerance compensation whilst reducing shock transmission.  Tooling exists to suit suspension bush requirements for numerous classic cars.

The range of vibration dampers and shock insulation products has been enhanced by the addition of a full range of complementary AV products from Vibrostop Srl, which includes spring mounts, extreme shock resistant and multi-directional mounts for military applications and numerous unique designs to suit the specific requirements of air conditioning systems, generators, engines, fans, machine tools, delicate instruments and acoustic laboratories.  The latter includes suspension mounts and high sensitivity isolators.

Standard elements and pad isolators are available for noise attenuation in buildings, to reduce transmission of structure borne noise by either isolating equipment using fixed bonded mounts, free standing pad mounts or other standard AVM products.  In addition vibration isolation elements are available to isolate floors, elevator supports and to alleviate other building vibration sources.   Vibration measurement using a portable constant current accelerometer can be carried out on site to identify requirements and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the vibration or shock reduction solutions implemented.

  • For health and safety issues relating to Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, or Vibration White Finger, a range of products is available conforming to ISO10819:1996
  • Standard Anti-Vibration mounts are available covering all industries for vibration and shock isolation applications relating to delicate instruments weighing a few grammes to machinery weighing hundreds of tonnes.  
  • An unrivalled range of AV products is available and many of these are available ex-stock or on short delivery.     Most products are available in a range of sizes and with different characteristics such as rubber hardness, composition or spring rate.   Special requirements can also usually be accommodated.
  • For over 20 years the company has been producing anti vibration mounts and related rubber to metal bonded products for discerning customers in the automotive and other industries.  Our company ethos of Quality, Service and Price has enabled us to develop and expand our range through alliances with similar minded European organisations.
  • We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors for Vibrostop srl, with an extensive range of unique designs manufactured in Italy.

Bespoke Design & Development

If you cannot find a suitable product by searching through our website, please send an enquiry with as much information as you have.  We may already have a solution.

We specialise in all aspects of vibration and shock isolation using different rubber based materials, metals, springs, wire cable etc.

Our Services

In addition to our extensive range of standard products, our services include bespoke design, manufacture and testing to suit demanding customer requirements.  


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