About Vibrostop

 Founded in 1936, VIBROSTOP Srl is one of the most dynamic producers of anti-vibration mountings.

Development since the early years centred around high quality, custom designed products unique in the industry, and featuring performance and consistency.

Vibrostop’s expertise is in rubber moulding, rubber-to-metal bonding and overall engineering design excellence.

VIBROSTOP products are used extensively in military and industrial environments, and today the corporate emphasis is directed toward growth in high performance materials for the most demanding industrial applications.


Bespoke Design & Development

If you cannot find a suitable product by searching through our website, please send an enquiry with as much information as you have.  We may already have a solution.

We specialise in all aspects of vibration and shock isolation using different rubber based materials, metals, springs, wire cable etc.

Our Services

In addition to our extensive range of standard products, our services include bespoke design, manufacture and testing to suit demanding customer requirements.  


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