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Based on the existing 180100SP range, and to meet demand for a fail-safe version for static loads up to 10000Kg, the HDFS range has been developed.


Each unit comprises 2 of the 180100SP/10 mounts which are attached inside a substantial structural steel box section.

For this assembly the 10000Kg load will result in an 8mm deflection within the individual AV mounts and rebound beyond the free state is limited by a rubber snubbing washer.



These mounts have applications in numerous heavy duty applications such as compressors, pumps, vibratory plant etc.   Because of the fail-safe nature of the mounts, mobile applications are possible such as transport container isolation and truck payload isolation.

4 x M20 bolts at 140 x 560mm centres are used to attaché the base of the mount to a supporting structure.   A top load spreading plate with M36 x 4 pitch is provided as standard but alternative options can be provided to suit a particular requirement.   For higher loading, multiple units can be used and connected together via a larger load spreading plate with attachment holes to suit the specific installation.

For higher loading requirements, the HDFS can be installed side by side and a separate top loading plate provided as illustrated :


The standard 180100SP mount comprises S275JR Sherardized steel plates and our military specification natural rubber material.   The /10 version of this mount also has an integral interleaf plate which provides the increased compressive stiffness of over 6KN/mm for each of the pair of mounts used within the HDFS mounting system – a total of 12KN/mm for the standard unit.  The structural steel base plate is primed and painted with a heavy duty paint system but can also be powder coated if required.


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