Rubber Brick

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This versatile rubber ‘brick’ from Vibrostop is intended as a simple solution for isolation of static items. Loads between 50 and 1500daN can be supported depending on the version selected.

Useful for items such as electronic equipment racks, air conditioning units and to create a floating floor using multiple spaced units across a large area.

In most applications it is not necessary to fix the mountings in place, allowing freedom of positioning.  Because of their relative shape, once loaded they will not move or creep.

It is important to have the load spread over the complete face and to avoid point loads.

High Sensitivity (45ShA) Normal Sensitivity (60ShA)  
Part No Load daN Part No Load daN Height H
Brick 45/AS 100-200 Brick 45/N 200-400 45
Brick 33/AS 200-400 Brick 33/N 400-800 33
Brick 27/AS 300-600 Brick 27/N 600-1200 27

Nitrile rubber to provide resistance to mineral oils.  2 hardnesses are provided – the high sensitivity (softer) 45ShA coloured red and the black 60ShA versions and are available in different thicknesses.

Please call the sales office for any advise on installation or suitability for any particular application.


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