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These large solid rubber mounts have a mounting flange with fixing slots and a load spreading top disc both of which are chemically bonded to the rubber material. The smallest mount in the range (the SP 8050) also has a chemically bonded intermediate flat steel ring in some variants to achieve a wide performance range. The supported load should ideally cover at least 80% of the top plate and the male thread is for tightening the load down to the mount and not for jacking up for height adjustment. Any Height adjustment should be provided using shims or washers. All models are now available optionally in 316 Stainless Steel and with alternative thread options including female versions. Standard production is based on Sherardized steel plates and male threads.

Typical applications: Compressors, engines (petrol & diesel) , air conditioning units, electrical appliances, machine tools. The alternatives available in the smallest model in this range enable convenient symmetrical mounting to be used in conjunction with different load/deflection characteristics to achieve optimised isolation where loading is not centralised. (see load/deflection graphs)

Fix to isolated equipment and to sub-frame or floor. In some applications, this type of mount could be located on an anti-skid plate if it is not appropriate or necessary to bolt to a floor. If care is taken to prevent excessive heat build-up, the mount may be tack-welded to a base plate at its extremities. Safety Note: Extraction or adequate ventilation is essential if welding due to the zinc Sherardized protective finish.

Rubber: Natural rubber (polyisoprene) of different grades. Alternative elastomers available on request. Typical alternative materials include 60ShA Nitrile, 50ShA Neoprene or 50ShA EPDM Metal: Sherardized steel and zinc plated & passivated nuts & lock washers. Note: Most of the range are now available with 316 Stainless Steel Metal parts and are made to order within a typical lead time of only 5 days. If non standard rubber materials are required, a delay may be introduced. The standard stock items have male threads (M12 for 8050 series and M20 for 10080, 15040 and 15080 series.) The 10080Sp mount has a female M24 x 3 high strength welded insert. Alternative thread sizes and female thread options are also available as are Bump Stop versions (i.e. without the top metal plate).

Standard Item No Rubber hardness Loading disc Normal Max Load-Kg
8050-SP/12 Shore A 70 Yes 650
8050-SP/10 Shore A 60 Yes 450
8050-SP/8 Shore A 50 Yes 325
8050-SP/6 Shore A 60 No 240
8050-SP/4 Shore A 35 Yes 150
8050-SP/2 Shore A 35 No 100

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