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SW-R This range of high deflection anti-vibration sandwich mountings covers a standard compressive load range between 50 and 1200Kg per mount. Optimum deflection is 15mm thus providing very high levels of isolation (97% @1500rpm or equivalent forcing frequency) The different designations R1 to R7 are created by using different cross sections (68, 98 or 112mm see *) and also different material hardnesses.

Typical applications: This style of mount can be used for any static vibratory application including vibratory feeders, sieves, conveyors and machinery.

These mounts are intended primarily for static (i.e. not mobile) applications and are attached to the floor and the isolated equipment by 2 x M8 bolts on each side. The top and bottom plates are offset by 15mm. For most applications pairs of mounts are used such that the 10degree angles are in opposite directions in each pair. Where the mounts form part of a vibratory feeding system, the mounts can be oriented to accentuate the deflection in the required direction. For floor mounted installations such as conveyors, pumps, generators etc, the installation would use opposing pairs of mounts as illustrated here. For suspended loads or where a shear style is required for softer isolation, the mounts can again be used in opposing pairs as illustrated here. This example would suit an application where the centre of mass is high relative to the base foot-print. Otherwise a single set of mounts could be used in line with, or above, the centre of mass.

Standard materials for this mount are natural rubber (polyisoprene) and grade 316 stainless steel for the top and bottom plates. This is to prevent deterioration caused by corrosion ingress which can destroy the bonding integrity in damp environments. These AV mounts can be produced in other materials including NBR, CR, EPDM and others although a minimum batch or special price may be applied.

Load/Deflection - Compressive

The graph shows the typical deflection under load for each of the standard versions.

Although the optimum loading is 15mm for all of the range, this can be exceeded (up to 25mm) occasionally to cater for shock or intermittent overload.

Each mount is permanently embossed with the model number (R1 – R7) on the side of the mount.

Deflection in Shear Direction

When used as shear mounts, the load should be divided by 6 compared to compressive loading.  When used in shear, the max load for the SW-R7 version is thus 1200/6 = 200Kg approximately


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