Product Design

Project Process

Design & Special Product Development.

Design & Special Product Development.

Experienced resources exist to develop products to meet customer specifications.

The same processes are involved for external development as for our own internal products. Development is within a framework of our ISO 9001 approval and customer involvement where required.This can include computer aided product design using SolidWorks and the provision of solid models, hard copy designs or various file formats including pdf, iges, step, dxf and e-drawing files for example.Product design can then be taken through to production.

Tooling is again designed in SolidWorks and can either be amortised within product price or funded separately as a development cost.Competitive tooling is sourced from UK specialists who can accept our computer generated designs directly thus eliminating a common source of error. Optionally, we can provide tooling designs for those customers who believe they can source competitively. Depending on the requirements, parts can be produced by injection, transfer or compression moulding.

Many of our products incorporate metallic elements which are sourced from trusted UK manufacturers who have a supply history typically of in excess of 10 years with AVMR.

Bespoke Design & Development

If you cannot find a suitable product by searching through our website, please send an enquiry with as much information as you have.  We may already have a solution.

We specialise in all aspects of vibration and shock isolation using different rubber based materials, metals, springs, wire cable etc.

Our Services

In addition to our extensive range of standard products, our services include bespoke design, manufacture and testing to suit demanding customer requirements.  


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